The BSA is a uniformed organization. We encourage you to acquire a uniform after joining.

BSA has many reasons for requiring uniforms. Among them are quick identification of the group, providing a place to display emblems representing hard work by the Scouts, and to foster a sense of community and pride.

Troop 506’s uniform is the official uniform designated by the BSA. An official uniform (including the BSA shirt, hat (optional), neckerchief, emblems, and so on) is known as a “Class A” uniform (i.e., a field uniform).

The uniform may be purchased at one of the local Scout Shops. The most convenient for our area is in Mounds View.

Class B Uniforms

Occasionally, it is appropriate that Scouts do not wear their “Class A” uniform), but still be quickly recognizable as Scouts. (For example, while playing outdoor games or while on a hike). Troop 506 has t-shirts with the Troop logo on it. This shirt is referred to as a “Class B” uniform. Unless otherwise indicated scouts should wear their “Class A” uniform.


    • Tan Scout Shirt (Long or short sleeve)

      • World Crest Patch

      • '5', '0', '6' Troop numerals

      • Council Patch

      • Veteran Bar patch (the Troop is 50 years old)


    • Belt and Buckle

    • Green Pants or short

    • Scouts BSA Socks

    • Uniform Cap

Presented by Troop

    • Neckerchief and Slide

    • Patrol Patch

    • Epaulets

Wearing the Neckerchief

1. Fold the neckerchief 3 times (or more) so that the dark colors are on the outside

2. The neckerchief goes under the collar, like a shirt tie would.

3. Pull the slide up to the top of the collar. You may want to use a rubber band or hair binder to keep it in place.

Insignia and Patch Placement

A Scout earns a lot of is patches. There are so many to earn, and it can be confusing where they should go. Details may be found in the handbook.