Advanced Advancement Planning

The following table is a list of merit badges which are required for various awards along with a reference to whether it can be earned at summer camp.

This might be useful to a Scout who wants to plan to earn Nova Awards, the Supernova Awards, and the National Outdoor Awards. It might also be useful when planning for summer camp, and referencing which merit badges might count for multiple awards.

Using this table, then, a Scout may decide, for example, that they want to earn the Supernova Award, and realize that to do that, they need to earn several Nova Awards. If they also have an interest in Chemistry, they could find that by earning the Chemistry MB, they will satisfy requirements for Splash! Nova or Up and Away Nova, and Supernova. While a MB may not be used for more than one Nova Award, it may be used for a Nova and a Supernova Award.

Similarly, if a Scout is working on thier Eagle required MBs and has interest in the other awards, they may notice that Environmental Science MB is a requirement for Splash! Nova, Supernova, the Conservation National Outdoor Adventure Award, and Eagle.

Finally, if a Scout is attending a council camp, then they can use this table as a guide to select MBs that will help them complete requirements for the other awards.