If you have a goal of earning a Supernova Award, then the following infographic may help you plan your path to the award. Requirements for the Supernova Awards can be found on

Dr. Bernard Harris

Scouts BSA

Supernova Awards

Thomas Edison

Complete three Nova awards.

Nova Awards

Complete Scouts BSA Nova awards

Complete Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova and one Nova award.

Earn the Scholarship merit badge.

Required Merit Badges

No additional required merit badges.

Elective Merit Badges

Earn four of the elective merit badges.

Two Activity Topics

Complete two Supernova activity topics, one each in two different STEM areas.


Science fair, math competition or other STEM competition


Learn about STEM careers

No additional career exploration.


Lead Nova award to a Cub Scout den or pack meeting.

Scientific Method


Scientific Breakthrough


Submit application.