Adult Leaders

Our Troop is led by Scouts. The Troop needs adults to support our Scouts in their activities.  They help with transportation and leadership during the Troop activities.

Our leaders are trained. Every leader takes a training, including one about Youth Protection. Our Troop, and the BSA treat the protection of our Scouts as the most important role we play. We practice two deep leadership, where no leader is by themselves with a Scout – except their own child.

The Troop needs volunteers. Whether it is to serve as Scoutmasters, or on the committee, help out at a Troop event, or attend a campout to provide two deep leadership – there is a great need for service and support.

To learn about Troop Leadership Training, create your own account at and take any of the online classes including Youth Protection. Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required every two years for certain responsibilities in the Troop, but all adults can and should take this training.


Assistant Scoutmaster

Committee Chair


Advancement Chair

Outdoor Activities Coordinator

Recruitment Coordinator

Chartered Organization Representative