Our Troop participates in many camping opportunities and this page exists to advertise and catalog these opportunities so that perspective and active members will benefit from this knowledge. These are camping opportunities that we have participated in as a Troop in the past.

Winter Council Camp

Troop 506 camps year-round, and frequently does so at the Council's Winter Camp programs at Snow Base or North Wind.

Summer Council Camp

Troop 506 has attended week-long summer camp sessions offered by the Council at Many Point Scout Camp and Tomahawk Scout Camp.

Council Camps

The Troop has utilized the council camps for a variety of Troop outings. We love to spend the weekend locally at Rum River Scout Camp, but have also stayed at all of the other council properties. Whether it is a base camp for a river trip on the Kinnikinic, or a place to complete our leadership training the camps have fantastic facilities and plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.

Rum River Scout Camp

Stearns Scout Camp

Phillippo Scout Camp

Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp

Health forms are needed to camp.

Shooting Sports Permission Form

Our Council has camperships available to pay for up to half of camp fees.

Camping Checklist

Outdoor Essentials

  • canteen / water bottle / coffee mug

  • day pack

  • flashlight

  • sunscreen

  • lip balm

  • insect repellent

  • first aid kit

Overnight Gear

  • sleeping bag

  • sleeping pad / cot

  • pillow

  • night clothes (jammies)

  • backpack / duffle bag

  • ground cloth

  • tent

Seasonal Clothing

  • Class A and Class B Uniform

  • cap / hat

  • extra day of clothing

  • extra dry clothes

  • night clothes

  • rain gear / poncho

  • shoes / boots

  • gloves / mittens

  • snow pants and winter jacket

Cleanup Kit

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • hand sanitizer

  • dental floss

  • comb

  • soap

  • washcloth

  • towel

  • medications


  • camera

  • watch

  • blanket (for evening campfire)

  • swimsuit (if applicable)

  • sunglasses

  • chemical hand warmers

  • card game and/or board game


  • notebook

  • pencil or pen

  • compass

  • binoculars

  • Scout book

  • camp chair

  • glow sticks

Ten Essentials

Scouts are required to learn about the 10 essentials as part of their rank advancement.

Remember that when you're camping, the trail food needs to stay outside of your tent!